I was born in 1975 to a family of jewelers, raised in a creative atmosphere of love and great appreciation for the essence of aesthetics. After a few years of studying and working in various places, I turned to jewelry and goldsmith studies in Israel's leading workshop for fine jewelry. After two years working as an apprentice at the workshop I decided to set off as independent. Today I work and create in my studio in Herzliyah, which is used as a workshop and a showroom. This studio is the "birthplace" of seven successful collections for women, men and babies, each with its own meaning and story. The design line that defines the "Gal Padani" brand and guides my designs is a clean and minimalist line, with a
different touch to it.



Nowadays you can see my work at Israel's leading jewelry stores as well as in my studio, where I design, create and hold personal meetings with my clients. These meetings are an integral part of the process because I believe that only after a personal acquaintance and a conversation I can deeply understand my customers' needs, the purpose of the jewelry and vision that they have for it. This vision guides me from the beginning of work on the item until the final product.


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